“Old Ports Of Call” -The Maritime Songs Of Bob Watson

Old Ports Of Call CD Cover

  1. Birkenhead Rose
  2. Johnny Go Hungry
  3. Nancy-O, The Wise Maid (Reel)
  4. Force Ten
  5. Pelorus Jack
  6. Bosun’s Chair
  7. Old Ports Of Call
  8. Mollymauk
  9. Revival Mutiny
  10. Slip Along Home
  11. Welsh Girls
  12. Walton Bay
  13. Masterless Men
  14. Grandad
  15. Shantyman
“There’s a grand variety in expressive content, form, mood and tempo in these songs, qualities in Bob’s writing of which Andy is one of this country’s best qualified exponents, so the disc comes highly recommended.”   
David Kidman, The Living Tradition.

   “Old Ports Of  Call” is available from The Living Tradition, or can be downloaded from Amazon or iTunes; it is also available on Spotify.

Emigrants Served

Emigrants Served

  1. River Lea
  2. The Joiner’s
  3. Cup of Tay
  4. The Field of Istanbul
  5. Two Years Before The Mast
  6. The Green Nunky
  7. The Grog Song
  8. Scouse
  9. Grandad
  10. Emigrants Served
  11. The Sailor’s Compaint
  12. The Tall Ships
  13. The Oddfellow’s Arms
  14. Down Our Street

 “Emigrants Served is a varied and entertaining programme from a performer who has served his time learning his craft – I bet he is very good live.”

The Living Tradition

Salt Water Ballads


  1. Cape Horn Gospel
  2. Outward Bound / The Flying Cloud
  3. A Valediction
  4. Deadman’s Chest / The Coolin
  5. The Turn of the Tide
  6. A Night Ashore / The Cuckoo’s Nest
  7. A Night at Dago Tom’s
  8. Spunyarn / The Oslo
  9. Cape St.Vincent
  10. Sea Fever
  11. Knot
  12. Pier Head Chorus
  13. Collision at Sea / The Kitchen Girl
  14. One of The Bosun’s Yarns
  15. The Port of Many Ships

“An entertainment which celebrates the sea poems of John Masefield, published in 1902 under the same title. At the time some critics argued that the poems were vulgar and lacked poetic quality, while others commended them for their insight into the seafarer’s life and a haunting quality which belied their apparent simplicity. Andy Kenna has set a number of the poems to music and by interspersing them with readings from the reminiscences of sea farers of the sailing ship era, invites the listeners to judge for themselves the artistic quality and authentic flavour of Masefield’s Work.”

“The CD is essential listening for all Masefield fans.”

Peter Carter – Chairman of the John Masefield Society

The Sailor’s Way


  1. Strike The Bell
  2. Goodbye Fare Thee Well
  3. The Balaena
  4. Showman’s Fancy / Golden Eagle
  5. Paddy and the Whale
  6. Rounding The Horn
  7. Roll The Old Chariot Along / Ragtime Annie
  8. Paddy West
  9. The Sailor’s Way
  10. Heave Away Me Johnnies
  11. I’m A Man You Don’t Meet Every Day / Planxty Irwin
  12. Da Slockit Light / the Flowing Tide
  13. The Candlelight Fisherman

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All CDs are available either directly from Andy Kenna or from the Chantey Cabin.

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