Johnny Go Hungry

We sailed out of Sydney upon the Passat,
Ch.Oh Johnny go hungry,
The rations too small for to vittle a rat,
Ch.Oh Johnny go thin;
A sailor must heave and a sailor must pull
How the hell can he work if his belly ain’t full?
Ch.And it’s Johnny go hungry, Johnny go thin
Johnny go thieving tonight.
Ch. Johnny go hungry, Johnny go thin,
Johnny go thieving tonight.

Now it was amidships the vittles was stowed,
We hands in the foc’s’le, wrong side of the hold,
We thought of that grub as our bellies grew lean,
And we cursed all those grain sacks a-laying between,

So down in the fore hold we shifted some sacks
All working at night, it was bad for our backs,
It’s right through the cargo our tunnel we drew,
And we helped ourselves to the vittles we’re due,

Then all through the trip as we felt in the need,
We slipped through our tunnel and topped up our feed
They found the grub missing and searched all about,
But where it had gone to they never found out

So here’s to the sailing ship, handsome and tall
And a curse on the owners, whose rations are small
Now time has gone by and it can’t do no wrong
If we tell you the story and sing you the song,

© Bob Watson 1986


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