Slip Along Home

Ch.Slip along home, girl, take your time,
There ain’t no need to hurry;
There’s no one going to worry if we’re late;
So slip along home girl, easy now,
We’ll take it nice and steady —
Until we’re good and ready, they can wait.

1. Now you and I we’ve sailed together,
Open seas and shoaly shore;
Our cargoes run through wind and weather,
Fifty years and more.
Music in the songs you sang me,
Creaking gear and running seas,
Your steady helm beneath my hand,
That set me heart at ease. . . . So…Chorus

2. Now you and I’ve grown old together,
Changing times have passed us by;
And there’s no place for you and me
As old ways fade and die.
The future’s not a pretty picture,
Now there’s need for us no more –
With you left rotting up some creek
And me upon some shore. . . . . So…Chorus

3. It seems we’re blessed with breezy weather,
Time to make some sail and go;
Final trip we take together,
Nice to make a show.
Hungry shoals are laid in waiting,
Long time cheated of their prey,
Now would it grieve your heart too sore
If things should end that way. . . . So…Chorus

© Bob Watson 1997


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