Nancy O

O can’t you hear that wind a-blowin’
Bucko mate with his back teeth showin’
Back teeth showin’, wind a-blowin’,
Haul her hard for Nancy-O!

Can’t you hear those ratlines hummin’,
Shorten sail, the storm’s a-comin’,
Hummin’, strummin’, keep ‘er comin’,
Bend yer backs for Nancy-O
Ch. Nancy-O! Nancy-O! Haul ‘er hard for Nancy-O!
Clear away, let’s roll and go,
One more time for Nancy-O!

Now if I had a bottle of whisky,
Hide it where it ain’t too risky,
Risky, whisky, make me frisky,
Frisky for my Nancy-O!

I wish I had a bottle of brandy,
Somewhere safe to keep it handy,
Handy, brandy, make me randy
Save a glass for Nancy-O!

Now once I had a concertina,
Lost it to a girl called Lena.
Lena took me concertina,
No more tunes for Nancy-O!

Well now I’ve got a one string fiddle,
Gaping gap right down the middle,
Fiddle’s middle’s like a riddle,
Still plays tunes for Nancy-O!

I wish I’d never been a sailor,
Better I’d been a dungeon gaoler,
Dungeon gaoler, a lonshore tailor,
Sleep at nights with Nancy-O!

Oh, can’t you hear the mate a-bawlin’,
Hands on deck, lay aft, get haulin’,
Weather squallin’, glass a-fallin’,
Wish I was with Nancy-O

© Bob Watson 1997


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