Down that road’s the harbour, and beyond it lies the sea,
And if I weren’t so old and bent then its there I’d long to be,
I’ve but to hear those seabirds and feel those breezes blow,
Then my fancy knows no limit to the places that I’d go.
Ch. But then I hear them calling
And it fills my heart with pain
Has anyone seen Grandad
He’s gone wandering off again.

Now once I was a sailor, if my life I had once more,
I’d take my chance with Neptune’s men just like I done before,
Though I can’t walk so well now I’d take me stick, I’d go,
I could make it to the harbour if I takes it nice and slow.

I know me daughter loves me, and I know the reason why
She saved me from some old folks home her patience for to try,
But bloods more thick than water and I should reward her care,
But I’d rather die from drowning than sat in some rocking chair.

See that boat down by the quayside, she was my pride and joy,
For fifty years me own true love and I sailed her man and boy.
See her fretting at her moorings if I could but set her free,
We’d find a brand new resting place together her and me.
Ch. Then no more…………….

© Bob Watson 1988


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